Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy – What’s The Difference?

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

 Occupational Therapists (OT’s) work in various ways to help  people achieve the most independence possible. They conduct on-  site assessments of home and work. Occupational therapist provide recommendations  on what can help to be more independent.   They also train patients on  how to use these skills to improve their visual and  cognitive functions, as well as general coordination. Anyone who  has loss of strength or motion or decreased  balance, memory or concentration, or difficulty performing daily  tasks could benefit from occupational therapy. 


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapists (PTs) specialize in body movement. They diagnose and treat all injuries related to movement, and provide treatment for the injury that is causing the patient’s movement problems. Anyone who has decreased range of motion, strength, or balance, pain, or neuropathy could benefit from physical therapy.

Both OTs and PTs have extensive training in anatomy, musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation, and are licensed by the state. Both also educate patients on avoiding injuries and the healing process. Often patients see both a physical and an occupational therapist as part of their treatment plan. Therapist treat people of all ages for a wide variety of issues and illnesses.

Physical and occupational therapy is key to our independence and quality of life. 

If you or someone you know will benefit from physical or occupational therapy, please call us – we want to help!