Educating caregivers, the

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Understanding healthcare as we age is important to maintaining a healthy, happy, productive life


Healthcare Information Events in the Kalamazoo Area

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Healthcare Educational Event Topics

We currently offer these informational seminars on healthcare, or call us to suggest your own.

Tips for Healthy Aging – General information on the benefits of healthy diet, regular exercise, preventing slips and falls, and some of the mental challenges that seniors may face.

Stroke and Heart Attack Warning Signs – Recognizing of the signs of cardiovascular disease may help prevent the serious after effects of heart attacks and strokes.

Healthy Heart Tips – Understand what causes a heart attack and discuss a healthy diet and recommendations for proper cooking to break away from bad habits.

Understanding Depression – Depression typically goes untreated because of the stigma that accompanies it. We help by discussing ways to understand and prevent depression.

Improving Balance – Hosted by a physical therapist, this class introduces rehabilitative therapy to older adults safe and independent in their homes.

Understanding Diabetes – Better understand diabetes, the different types, and how to prevent this condition.

Fighting Winter – Dealing with number of issues affecting older adults in our Michigan winters, this seminar covers Seasonal Affective Disorder, slip and fall prevention, and healthy eating through the holidays.

Educational Games and Activities – Who said learning about a healthier lifestyle needs to be boring?  We can use games like bingo, jeopardy, and trivia to help you learn healthy tips for improving the lives of older adults.


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