Occupational Therapy at Home cropped smallSkilled Occupational Therapists Help Loved Ones to Regain Essential Living Skills at Home, Where It’s Needed Most


Re-develop living and working skills in the comfort of home with in-home occupational therapy.


In-Home Occupational Therapy
in the Kalamazoo, Michigan Area

Kalamazoo Home Healthcare Services is here to help your loved ones recover from surgery, injury or illness with skilled occupational therapy in the convenience of home.

Kitchen tasks, bathroom use, getting dressed and more can be a challenge after a life-changing event and our occupational therapists can help get your loved ones back on track.

Our goal is to help people lead more productive, independent lives in the most satisfying way, by improving basic motor skills and reasoning to compensate for new challenges.


Treatments to strengthen, rehabilitate and
re-develop skills makes life easier!

  • Strengthen arms, legs, hands and more
  • Teach patients to use devices to assist them
  • Assess independence
  • Improve safety