Lab Services In Home in Kalamazoo MichiganSkilled Medical Professionals Perform Basic Laboratory Tests from the Comfort of Home


Save the trip to the doctor’s office or lab and get many physician-ordered tests at home


In-Home Laboratory Services in the Kalamazoo, Michigan Area

Kalamazoo Home Healthcare has in-home nurses and home health aides that come to you for basic lab work. We bring the lab to the comfort of your own home!

Test samples are securely, and safely shipped to certified labs by our staff, and we assure that everything is handled properly. Your own physician receives the results, as well as our in-house Director of Nursing, to ensure that everything is monitored closely.

Kalamazoo Home Health Care performs these in-home lab services:
  • Blood draws
  • Panels
  • Cultures and screening
  • Urine analysis
  • Virology
  • Other physician-ordered tests