Five Workforce Health Care Trends that Impact Home Care

Top 5 health care trends that will increase demand for home care

In January 2014, Crain’s Detroit Business author Lisa Katz blogged about the top trends that will change the healthcare industry over the next decade.

Three of the five top factors directly impact the home healthcare industry!

Technology, The Affordable Care Act and decreasing Medicare payments will all play a major part in how the healthcare workforce will change. With the overall healthcare industry expected to add 3.2 million new jobs from 2008–2018, it is likely that home care will follow suit. Read the full article here >


Mobile Health Care Technology

In-Home-Healthcare-Professionals-400x266With advances in wireless technology and the internet, remote monitoring of diseases and general wellness is moving right along with it.

New devices and medical technology are being developed to not only identify problems very early and allow for quick treatment, but also track and analyze an individual’s health trends over time for better management of medications and general health.

As this technology becomes more widely used, fewer visits to a doctor or hospital will be needed. Many problems can be detected, diagnosed and treated remotely.

By monitoring, diagnosing and treating illnesses remotely, doctors can also see a larger number of patients. This could even result in fewer doctors being needed overall.

This shift will be a major factor in the need for more home health professionals. Those patients who do need more personal care will work mainly with frontline visiting nurses and home health aides, only needing to see a doctor in extreme cases or for emergencies.


The Affordable Care Act

With more people having access to healthcare services, the pressure will increase on the system to deliver results.

The Affordable Care Act will impact the entire system, from doctors and hospitals to pharmacies and therapists, the increased demand for services will be one of the driving factors to the growth in the medical industry over the next 10 years. This means longer wait times for certain, and an increased demand for more in-home medical care.


Decreasing Medicare and Medicaid Payments

The Affordable Care Act brings with it a cut in Medicaid and Medicare payments – 14% for Medicare Home Care Services alone. The cut will have patients looking for less expensive alternatives, which is one of the benefits of home healthcare already!


Hiring Liability Concerns

Although the demand for RNs is high, as are graduation rates, the desire to limit liability by only hiring experienced RNs is creating an employment gap for those early in their careers.


Electronic Medical Records and Transition to ICD-10

A change in the medical coding language will drive an increased demand for medical coders, as productivity is expected to decrease during the change in October. How long this will last, as coders become more ‘fluent’ will help determine its long-term impact.

Click to read the entire article “5 Workforce Trends that will Influence the Health Care Industry” on Crain’s Business Detroit


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